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How do I link to YOPA?

YOPA the Original yoga cross-over sport back pack.Just add the following code to your web page to get this link image. Thanks!

Would your yopa bag hold a yoga mat plus manilla files, books, etc.?

Good question. The short answer is Yes.

The longer answer is that it depends on the size of the mat and books and the weight. The bag is tested to 35 pounds, but I don't recommend carrying more than 20-25 pounds. I packed an accordion folder file, magazines, shoes and some miscellaneous things, to travel on the plane with me yesterday. My accordion folder measures 9..75 wide x 13" x 1.5" deep, packed.

Will the yopabag easily fit a thick Pilates mat?

YOPA yoga backpack with Pilates mat and other oversize gear with straps.

What all will this bag hold?

YOPA yoga backpack holds Pilates blocks with straps.YOPA crossover back pack holds blanket with straps.

Will this bag accommodate my blocks being packed in it with my mat at the same time?

Yes, if all of your gear isn't oversized. I hope the photo helps. YOPA yoga pack holds mat plus Pilates blocks and other sports gear.

How do I stuff YOPA into its mesh pouch?

YOPA yoga Pilates backpack stuffs into its own mesh pocket.

What do I do with dripping wet gear?

When you put wet gear in, leave the lid off the contents. Cinch the cord so the gear doesn't fall out, but the bag is open enough for the water to drip (run out). Hang the bag upside down. The wet gear (fins, snowshoes, snowblades, toddler skis and boots, etc..) will dry out. You can hang YOPA upside down by the handle on the bottom of the bag. :-)

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