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How do I link to YOPA?

YOPA the Original yoga cross-over sport back pack.Just add the following code to your web page to get this link image. Thanks!

<a href=""><img src="" width="76" height="102" title="YOPA at" alt="YOPA at"></a>

Would your yopa bag hold a yoga mat plus manilla files, books, etc.?

Good question. The short answer is Yes.

The longer answer is that it depends on the size of the mat and books and the weight. The bag is tested to 35 pounds, but I don't recommend carrying more than 20-25 pounds. I packed an accordion folder file, magazines, shoes and some miscellaneous things, to travel on the plane with me yesterday. My accordion folder measures 9..75 wide x 13" x 1.5" deep, packed.

The back of the bag isn't padded, so you have to pack accordingly. Smaller books, cds and magazines fit in the mesh pocket behind the mesh pouch.

YOPA's lid and bottom are 9" in diameter. It measures 13" at the opening. It's a stuff bag. It stuffs out to a 29.5 " diameter packed with a sleeping bag. The bag is 30" long.

Will the yopabag easily fit a thick Pilates mat?

YOPA yoga backpack with Pilates mat and other oversize gear with straps.

Pilates gear, blankets, exercise gear all fit in YOPA yoga backpack.

Mat, blanket, blocks all fit in YOPA cross-over yoga backpack.

Will the yopabag easily fit a thick Pilates mat? Most yoga bags won't. I do not want to struggle to fit a Pilates mat into what was designed to be a yoga bag, but would love to get one if the fit is easy.

Absolutely! There is a Pilates mat on the home page, along with a blue ball and some other things. They all fit, together, in a YOPA.

What all will this bag hold?

YOPA yoga backpack holds Pilates blocks with straps.YOPA crossover back pack holds blanket with straps.

"Aloha from Hawaii! I'm looking for a bag that will hold two yoga rectangular blocks (6"x9"x4") a mat (24" x 66"), strap, keys, water and maybe additional clothes, towel, video camera inside case--about size of rectangular block, snacks all at the same time. This looks big enough to hold that and looking at the "Uses" section, there's no shots of how much yoga equipment it will hold. Can this hold those items? Mahalo."

Yes, YOPA will accommodate all of your stuff! Here are some examples of how I have seen YOPA packed. The exterior wrap straps provide extra carrying capacity. I've also posted photos in the "Uses" section. Thanks!

The “uses” section has been changed to the flashing images on the home page. Please check the home page. Thanks!

Will this bag accommodate my blocks being packed in it with my mat at the same time?

Yes, if all of your gear isn't oversized. I hope the photo helps. YOPA yoga pack holds mat plus Pilates blocks and other sports gear.

How do I stuff YOPA into its mesh pouch?

YOPA yoga Pilates backpack stuffs into its own mesh pocket.

"Since receiving my bag I've had a chance to "play" with it and believe it is going to serve me well. However, your ad states that "YOPA stuffs into its mesh pouch......" and, try as I might, I could not make this happen. I've had other items in the past that fold into a pocket or pouch, etc., so I'm familiar with the process of how to make it work, but maybe I'm missing the key in this particular case. This may sound silly but maybe instructions are needed for some of us to get the job done. This is not important to me and I debated whether or not to write to you about it but then I thought it might be important to another customer. Thank you for a very useful and attractive Yoga bag. Namaste' Molly"

Thanks for the feedback! You're welcome. I'm glad you like YOPA. As far as the stuffing in to itself, I'll try to explain.

To stuff into the mesh pouch: First make sure the draw string is loosened all the way. Then start turning the bag into the pouch, from the bottom of the pouch first.. The pouch will turn inside out as you stuff the bag into it. I start by stuffing the bottom of the bag first. The back (with straps) and top follow. The pouch will be inside out when the bag is in it. The draw string and key clip will be on the top. You can cinch it closed."

"Hi Fern, I'm delighted I could be of help. I would like to add a note of encouragement for any seniors that might cross your path. I just became 68 years young. I have been practicing Yoga off and on for the last 30 years --regularly in the last couple of years. I feel great most of the time and am almost as flexible as I was 30 years ago. I firmly believe I can attribute my overall excellent health to Yoga and it's teachings. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for a very positive Yoga experience. Namaste' Molly"

What do I do with dripping wet gear?

When you put wet gear in, leave the lid off the contents. Cinch the cord so the gear doesn't fall out, but the bag is open enough for the water to drip (run out). Hang the bag upside down. The wet gear (fins, snowshoes, snowblades, toddler skis and boots, etc..) will dry out. You can hang YOPA upside down by the handle on the bottom of the bag. :-)