Would your yopa bag hold a yoga mat plus manilla files, books, etc.?

Good question. The short answer is Yes.

The longer answer is that it depends on the size of the mat and books and the weight. The bag is tested to 35 pounds, but I don't recommend carrying more than 20-25 pounds. I packed an accordion folder file, magazines, shoes and some miscellaneous things, to travel on the plane with me yesterday. My accordion folder measures 9..75 wide x 13" x 1.5" deep, packed.

The back of the bag isn't padded, so you have to pack accordingly. Smaller books, cds and magazines fit in the mesh pocket behind the mesh pouch.

YOPA's lid and bottom are 9" in diameter. It measures 13" at the opening. It's a stuff bag. It stuffs out to a 29.5 " diameter packed with a sleeping bag. The bag is 30" long.