How do I stuff YOPA into its mesh pouch?

YOPA yoga Pilates backpack stuffs into its own mesh pocket.

"Since receiving my bag I've had a chance to "play" with it and believe it is going to serve me well. However, your ad states that "YOPA stuffs into its mesh pouch......" and, try as I might, I could not make this happen. I've had other items in the past that fold into a pocket or pouch, etc., so I'm familiar with the process of how to make it work, but maybe I'm missing the key in this particular case. This may sound silly but maybe instructions are needed for some of us to get the job done. This is not important to me and I debated whether or not to write to you about it but then I thought it might be important to another customer. Thank you for a very useful and attractive Yoga bag. Namaste' Molly"

Thanks for the feedback! You're welcome. I'm glad you like YOPA. As far as the stuffing in to itself, I'll try to explain.

To stuff into the mesh pouch: First make sure the draw string is loosened all the way. Then start turning the bag into the pouch, from the bottom of the pouch first.. The pouch will turn inside out as you stuff the bag into it. I start by stuffing the bottom of the bag first. The back (with straps) and top follow. The pouch will be inside out when the bag is in it. The draw string and key clip will be on the top. You can cinch it closed."

"Hi Fern, I'm delighted I could be of help. I would like to add a note of encouragement for any seniors that might cross your path. I just became 68 years young. I have been practicing Yoga off and on for the last 30 years --regularly in the last couple of years. I feel great most of the time and am almost as flexible as I was 30 years ago. I firmly believe I can attribute my overall excellent health to Yoga and it's teachings. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for a very positive Yoga experience. Namaste' Molly"