OVERSTOCK.COM Reviews - YOPA yoga backpack, crossover Pilates sports backpack.
OVERSTOCK.COM Reviews - YOPA yoga pack, cross-over Pilates sports pack.

YOPA 5 stars             YOPA 5 stars reviews


First off, if you're seeking a yoga mat bag large enough for one of today's larger mats -- the 26" or 28" wide mats that are so hard to fit in many bags -- you've come to the right place. This bag is perfect for that. It will actually fit both of my 26" wide mats (one thin, one thick and sticky) at the same time! The design of this bag was clearly thought out from beginning to end. It's basically an outdoors-y "stuff bag" made large enough to accommodate your mats and with a few extra perks. The exterior cinch straps are the absolute bomb for securing that wet towel so it can air out or even that whole mesh laundry bag of stinky hot yoga remnants. The exterior mesh pocket can handle or two damp things or just hold your water bottle. In case you can't tell, I highly recommend this bag. Get one!

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