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Amazon  Feedback:   ~ All were verified purchasers! ~

5 out of 5 stars
      "Thanks for the great service!”
            Jeri C Weber, March13,2011

4 out of 5 stars
      "Nice bag, but not exactly what i was looking for."
            Dean M., August 6, 2012

5 out of 5 stars
      "Great yoga bag. You can fit a mat and various other accessories, such as two blocks, a towel, and an extension belt. Delivery was fast and timely."
            Rene C., February 24, 2013

Amazon  Feedback:   ~ All were verified purchasers! ~

5 out of 5 stars
      "Have not used it yet, but it looks like it will work for me."
            Susan Anderson, May 5, 2013

5 out of 5 stars
      I got this for my husbands oxygen e-tanks, they fit them very nicely
            Kris Park, August 7, 2015

5 out of 5 stars
      The weight in the bag is distributed evenly which makes it easier to carry. I can't carry my yoga mat in a bag that goes over one shoulder anymore. That's why I ordered the Yopa Bag and it's perfect. It has a lot of room, so my mat, blocks and strap fit in it easily with room to spare.
            Maureen Williams November 4, 2018

“I love the Yopa bag and before the weather crapped out I e-biked all my errands using it in its backpack mode and it carried everything:  3 bottles of wine, a ton of mail from my friend PO Box., Library books to return, etc. ”  Kathy

"Our family has a bakery and we do a lot of biking with baguettes - perhaps a novel use for the yopa?

And also some yoga. Looking forward to using them." Stacey from (Seattle, WA)

"Received the bags the other day - and they are great!" Stacey

"I got my bag yesterday and loaded it up last evening, Wow! This is an awesome bag. It actually will hold two of my oversized mats!"  Tracy - Wisconsin

"I received one of your bags as a gift last year. As a yoga teacher that works in many locations, I need something that can cart a lot of stuff in one place. I love how I can store other little things in the side mesh pocket like CDs, my water bottle. I've also used this for other things besides just yoga like when we are going to any outside event or to the beach.  Jasmine"

"I already have one of your bags (which I keep at my primary home) and decided I needed a second bag for use when I'm at my second home/condo; best bag on the market.  Tom"

"I just want to say (again) that the YOPA bag ROCKS -- I can't tell you how long I was looking for a bag that would carry my mat, towel, and folders for class and allow me to ride my bike with ease.

--- tres excellente! Thanks again & namaste...  Linda"

"Hi Fern, Just used my new bag for class this morning -- and... it's perfect for my needs. Thanks for making such a great (and useful) product. All the best to you... Linda"

A website answer to the question of how YOPA was discovered:

"A yoga friend, Larry, purchased a Yopa mat bag to carry his extended-length, professional Manduka mat. It is difficult to find mat bags of good quality that can also handle a large Manduka." Thanks for buying a YOPA, Laura. :-)

"As a yoga and movement teacher I have recommended Yopa bags to clients and students for years. Lots of room and better for the body ergonomically. One client came back with one of your new zippered bags!"   Michele - Ph.D. E-RYT 500, Director, WiseWays

"I love my new Yopa Bag with the ZIPPER. It makes packing and unpacking my gear so easy. I know it is the same size, but it seems bigger because it is more accessible and more efficient to pack. K.D."

"Aloha Fern....hope everything is going well

i have recently turned my yoga bag into a beach gear bag and love it....blessings jenn"

"My Yoga instructor has your bag, and I had to have one! Ann"

"As a student and someone who uses public transit to get to class, I was happy to find a product like YOPA. Thanks, Charles"

"Another use for the pack.......and the primary reason I bought it....... Carrying native american flutes. I can fit about 8 flutes in the pack at one time. Mark"

"... I have an unusually large and bulky mat. I use a Prana rug, rolled w/ a sticky mat. The dimensions of the rug are such that it doesn't fit into a standard bag and, combined w/ the sticky mat, it becomes pretty thick. There aren't many bags out there that can accommodate this.... I'm so glad I found your website! I wanted a bag that could not only hold my mat, but could also hold other items (i.e., gym clothes, accessories) and that I could take with me when I travel on an airplane. Yours has all of these features. Thanks again for your fantastic customer service! So refreshing in a time where it seems most people can't be bothered. Best, Kerrie"

"Came across YOPA by chance after a long long search for a mat bag with 2 shoulder straps instead of the usual 1! I finally found what I need to travel comfortably to yoga class on my bike without falling off trying to keep the bag from sliding forward! Thanks, Julie"

"Just wanted to let you know that the bag arrived - its great! Much better even than I expected. Thanks so much. Babette van Gessel"

"I found all of the detail on your website (customer comments, photos, uses, etc.) very helpful. I have been looking for a yoga backpack or pack of some kind for a while now and haven't found anything like yours. It's just what I was looking for... something simple, utilitarian, compartments for small things, and can fit larger mats (I have a Manduka) plus other props, CDs, notebook, etc. I'm looking forward to receiving it! Thanks,Jennifer"

"I am so excited! I am a yoga teacher and travel a lot. I have been searching for the perfect bag for my huge Manduka mat...can't wait to receive it.Namaste-Teal"

"You gotta love the cylindrical shape of the Yopa bag! The design allows for a myriad of uses traditional packs of similar size do not. I packed my 4-season Mountain Hardwear tent in the Yopa bag for extra protection while traveling through the Andes in Peru. It held up exceptionally well from airport to airport, bus station to bus station and mule to mule. During the summer I traveled with a lighter tent and sleeping bag, and both fit in the Yopa together with room to spare. It's a go to kind of bag!! Scott"

"I love your bag, and more so your intentions ... you perfectly spoke to the needs of the urban yogi. Namaste ... from the heart, t"

"Fern, You won't believe it. My bag already came today. It is amazing. I already love it. And you are right, it is a bag for outdoor enthusiasts.... Thanks for your help. Lynn"

"Fern, I LOVE the Yopa bag. I am so excited to be able to have such a great bag to help me travel through my retreats and classes.... I am very excited to share with my students and yoga friends. I have yet to see anyone around in my area with a bag like this. I'm sure it will be a hit. Thanks so much. Not to mention it is good quality as well. AWESOME BAG! Thank you & Namaste Dee"

"YOPA arrived last Tuesday! I love it! I'm going to use it on my upcoming trip to Belize--nice size for fins et al (while traveling and don't want the snorkel gear to get lost.) Theresa"

"I just wanted to drop you a note about my YOPA. It arrived last Wednesday. It was nicer than I expected when I took it out of the packing envelope!! I wanted to use it a few times before writing you but I just love it. Not only does my Manduka mat fit easily inside, but my yoga blanket rolled up fits as well. Quite spacious and sturdy; I'm going to enjoy using this bag for a very long time. Thank you so much! L"

"Got the them! one black, one purple (mixed berry) and one black cherry. Darcy"

"I admired the bag of a gal in the dressing room. I attended the International Yoga conference in Estes Park (Yoga Journal) and looked for a bag and couldn't find one I liked. I'm looking forward to getting it. Thanks Karen"

"I received my new bag today, and it is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Thank you! As a traveling yoga teacher, I need a big bag that is not overpriced, and that I can wear as a backpack. Yours is perfect [...] Good luck with sales. I will certainly recommend your bag to my students and fellow teachers. Kim"

"I can't wait to use the bag! I had such a hard time choosing the color that I suspect I will be ordering another real soon. Cheers, Theresa"

"Fern, just received the yopabag, very cool ,well made and looks practical! i'm going to try it with my swimming gear. Helen"

"Cool bag! Send me up one of the green ones. Bill"

"hey! just wanted to let you know i received my bag today and....I LUV IT!!!! its really great. thank you so much and i will pass on the word about you guys. namaste, theoni"

"hey, Fern, got the bag yesterday, we LOVE it, wonder if you can put our label into the ones we order: please advise. best, Ruth"

"YOPA must be a hot gift item this year, I have only 5 left! would love to get more, sooner is better than later. Ruth"

"As a former dancer, I look for certain things in a "carrier" of whatever gear I may be hauling around. I particularly liked the fact that the YOPA had compartments. When I was dancing, I liked the fact that I could store my sweaty pointe shoes in an outside, meshed pocket. On occasion, I wear socks before yoga class while stretching to keep my feet warm and intend to keep them in the mesh pocket on the YOPA. Two of the days out of four that I take yoga, I come directly from work, inevitably I forget to take off my jewelry and again your bag is ideal for me as I hate to just throw things in my purse. As you point out on your site, towel, keys, water, etc. are easily stored. Again I go back to my ballet days when I say that I want to have access to all my gear when I want it. Your bag seems to be easy to get in and out of quickly and stores stuff efficiently. I'm looking forward to using it and will certainly pass along your product's usefulness to others who inquire. And, like dancers, yogis and yoginis pass along what works by word of mouth. I hope some of this helps. Thanks and best wishes. Lisa"

Molly’s question was answered on the Qs & As page. She responded after her question was answered:

"Hi Fern, I'm delighted I could be of help. I would like to add a note of encouragement for any seniors that might cross your path. I just became 68 years young. I have been practicing Yoga off and on for the last 30 years --regularly in the last couple of years. I feel great most of the time and am almost as flexible as I was 30 years ago. I firmly believe I can attribute my overall excellent health to Yoga and it's teachings. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for a very positive Yoga experience. Namaste' Molly"


"hi fern! i received my YOPA yesterday. it is really well designed and well constructed, plus it looks great. i love the straps on the outside for bringing a warm up piece, etc...namaste, lorin"