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Yoga instructor with YOPA yoga pack, a yoga backpack with so many uses.

Balanced for all needs; yoga, Pilates, sports, utility backpack.

Family with kids with YOPA yoga backpack, Pilates backpack, sport backpack combination.


I designed YOPA™ because I started going to yoga classes regularly again and needed a bag that would accommodate everything I carried with me; my mat, blanket, towel, water bottle, keys, etc. I also wanted a bag which reflected my desire for balance, physically as well as mentally. A Yoga Backpack!

A year in the making and bringing to market, YOPA is a bag that works and has accomplished my goals. It is a reasonably priced, functional, practical bag that can be used as more than a yoga mat bag. It’s well made, durable and water resistant.

When I travel I can have my yoga gear with me. It’s an inconvenience when airlines misplace luggage, activities are put on hold and equipment needs to be rented or borrowed. Now there’s a carry on for odd shaped gear that won’t fit in an ordinary back pack!

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