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Yoga instructor with YOPA yoga pack, a yoga backpack with so many uses.

Balanced for all needs; yoga, Pilates, sports, utility backpack.

Family with kids with YOPA yoga backpack, Pilates backpack, sport backpack combination.

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I designed YOPA® when I started back to my Yoga practice in 2003. I needed a bag that would accommodate everything I liked to carry to class. My accessory needs changed over the years. This is a list of examples of what you may want to carry to your class practice: Mat, blanket, towel, water bottle, blocks, strap, eye pillow, change of clothes, keys, etc is up to you. The removable purse is intended for valuables, to keep them close.

I wanted a bag which would reflect my desire for balance, physically. Yoga takes care of feeling mentally and physically balanced. Other bags on the market were an over the shoulder sling bag. A backpack distributes the weight to both sides of your body; no slumping to one side. I wanted a bag I could easily carry riding my bike to class. A Yoga Backpack was born.

A year in the making, a year bringing it to market, YOPA is a bag that works and has accomplished my goals, simply. Reasonably priced for a Yoga bag, functional and practical; YOPA is more than a mat bag! You can see a variety of uses on the home page. The universe of uses is up to you. YOPA is durable and water resistant.

Yopa is great for travel, to keep your essentials with you on the plane. A zipper was added for ease of convenience to get to items at the bottom of the bag. Try it for anything too long to fit in a standard backpack. Try it to travel with examples on the home page.


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