• YOPA Yoga Mat Bag - Grey

  • YOPA Yoga Backpack - Orange

  • YOPA Yoga Back Pack - Green

  • YOPA Yoga Sports Pack - Purple

  • YOPA Yoga Backpack - Grey

  • YOPA Yoga Backpack - Orange

YOPA Yoga Backpack

The YOPA yoga backpack is more than a Yoga mat bag, more than a Pilates mat bag. YOPA is a multi-purpose, cross over, utility sport backpack. A long yoga backpack made for things too long for a standard backpack. Tennis racquets, paddle ball, squash, racquet ball and badminton racquets, croquet, bocce ball, snorkel gear, snow shoes. photography / camera tripods, fishing gear, to name a few. Perfect as a toddler sports gear bag. Skis up to 70 cm, boots, poles, hats, gloves, goggles, gator, helmet and an extra jacket all fit. Leave your arms and hands free to carry your toddler to the slopes. Kid's golf clubs, baseball / little league, tee ball, soccer, football, any ball sports bag; archery / bows and arrows, skateboards, Razor scooters. Great for slumber parties, as a beach bag, music festivals and concert chair bag, blanket bag. Leave your hands free to carry the cooler and other stuff. A camping back pack, YOPA will fit a one person tent and sleeping bag. Use it for the cooking equipment, sleeping pads, scrunchie chairs and tables. Your pump along with other biking gear will fit when you take a trip to Moab or your favorite bike get away destination. An exercise equipment bag. Yamuna® body rolling balls, Power Systems® equipment.


YOPA yoga backpack is a great travel bag. A travel back pack, YOPA yoga pack is an airline carry on bag. Keep your gear with you. You can still play if the airline misplaces your luggage. You won't have to rent equipment due to lost luggage. Great for your Yoga retreats, scuba diving and snorkeling trips, vacations and long weekends. Enjoy your activities with your own gear. Take your snowshoes on your next ski vacation.


YOPA stuffs in to its mesh pocket for easy storage and easy packing as an extra travel bag for all the stuff you buy on vacation. Keep your valuables with you in the removable purse when you leave YOPA in the locker room or on the beach when you take walks. The mesh pouch is perfect for your water bottle, books, CDs and other small items you want to reach quickly. Hook your keys on one of the key clips or rings attached to the draw strings. The adjustable wrap straps provide extra carrying capacity and there is a lid to cover the contents or leave the lid open to air out the contents. YOPA is water resistant. Keep your Yoga or Pilates mat and other gear dry if you're caught in the rain. A perfect yoga mat bag / yoga back pack, to ride your bike or motorcycle to class carrying your gear.